Futurelab 100

FUTURELAB 100 – 2009

It’s that time of the year again where everyone makes lists and hitparades. We don’t do too many of them, yet the Futurelab 100, always brings interesting insights into the ways Interbrand’s most powerful brands are relevant online (or not?).

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The Futurelab 100 - 4th Edition (2008)

What would you prefer if you were an A-brand? To be considered by the advertising and financial community as a brand that matters? Or to be considered as highly relevant and liked by ordinary folks that surf the internet? For companies like Coca Cola and Yahoo these questions are becoming every more relevant. The Interbrand 100 ranks them respectively at number 1 and 65. The Futurelab 100 which we published today  inverts their positions by putting them at number 57 and 2. 

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The New Futurelab 100: Have the Brand Gods Gone Crazy?

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