Scenario Planning Are Coming Back into Fashion. How Do You Develop Your "Wild Card" Scenarios to Make Your Strategy More Robust?

Every executive wants to know what’s the future will be like or what will likely to happen to their industry and what are the most disruptive forces will impact their bottom line or even survival. That’s why we use “Wild card” to paint scenarios. “Wild card” scenarios are in theory things that are not likely to happen, but most likely to create the highest impact and disruption. The idea of “wild card” scenarios is not to predict or calculate which scenario will occur, but to identify, where possible, important surprises that could occur.

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What's the Future of Design in China? What Is China's Design Strategy?

What’s the future of design in China? Or will China ever have a real design future? Do they ever need one at all? As part of our China strategy I’ve visited half-a-dozen of design firms in China last week and got a pretty good snapshot of the state of the industry while sharing my points of view on how design will evolve in China.

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What's Next in Marketing and Advertising

Last year we highlighted a great presentation from Paul Isakson on the future of marketing and advertising, where his argument was that advertising was dead and the future was marketing. This week, Isakson updated this presentation and theory for 2009, with an equally good presentation on what’s next in marketing and advertising.

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Get out of Marketing before 2021

by: Dick Stroud

If you believe Nielsen’s analysis, and I do, the combination of the ageing population, slowing birth rate and increasing ethnic diversity will change the face and buying patterns of consumers in the US.

2020 is a long way away and a lot can happen, between now and then, but these three developments are already occurring.

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15 Years

I just re-read The Economist's "Future Tense: The Global CMO" survey from late last year.  And I'm not encouraged that there's even a future for the job description.

The report reflected results from a survey of 250+ senior marketing execs around the world, so it's far more of a snapshot of the present than an insight into what the future might reveal. EIU.com normally studies countries and other substantive subjects; this report was sponsored by Google, which has an obvious interest in what CMOs think they're supposed to be doing.

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The New York Times Re-Thinks the Living Room of the Future

New York Times R&D Group: Moving the news into your living room from Nieman Journalism Lab on Vimeo.

In a push to regain favor with advertisers and Wall Street analysts, The New York Times has been aggressively pushing its unique vision for "The Living Room of the Future."

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The Future Is Not More Gadgets. Future Gadgets Will Do Things such as Enhanced Cognitive Assistance and Collaborative Filtering. And That Gadget Is Probably Your Phone.

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Forget the 4Ps of Marketing. Let's Talk about the 4Ps of Sustainable Business Strategy: People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. Now that's Business Transformation.

by: Idris Mootee

Whether we are talking about innovation, technology or public policy, we often come up with solutions that creating more problems than they are supposed to  solve. Given the enormous complexity and almost un-manageable challenges ahead, what do we need to do? What seems to make sense doesn’t do it anymore.

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The Future of Advertising. WTF?

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5,000 Days

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