The Future of Digital Advertising?

Guest Post by: Dhiren (Market Sentinel)

It’s been written – sort of.

Creative social have put together a nice eBook called “Digital Advertising: Past, Present and Future”. The book is a compilation of essays and comments, from digital thought-leaders, about how digital advertising has been evolving.

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This Side of Content Paradise: Experiential Content and the Future of the Web

It's almost a cliche these days to say that the Web is accelerating the move toward an attention-deficit disorder literary culture that celebrates the 140-character tweet but has a hard time digesting the 140-page book. We're constantly reminded that the Web is somehow making us stupid, but I'm starting to wonder if the next iteration of the Web - helped along by the explosion of new content experiences made possible by the iPad and the innovative programming capabilities of HTML5 - could actually lead to a backlash of sorts against short-form content culture and a renewed celebration of deep, experiential content.

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That'll Never Happen: In a World Where Knowledge Has Been Democratized, How Do Planners Thrive?

Here's my talk from the Jay Chait Award Ceremony. Enjoy.


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Mad Men against the Machine

Last month, I was on a panel at a FutureM "Flying Cars Are Here" event. I talked about robots, which in retrospect turned out to be surprisingly timely: that same week, AdWeek ran "Machine-Built Brands" and AdAge wrote about "Glitch in the Coming Advertising Singularity". The accompanying slides are on Slideshare and are also embedded at the end. Below is what I talked about.

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The Futures of Social Media

For those of you who read this blog, you know that I am regularly befuddled when it comes to exploring the functionality and efficacy of social media. It's not that the practices are particularly complex or vague; rather, it's often the practitioners who are both, combining a confused emotional need to have their beliefs confirmed with a willingness to discard the laws of physics, rules of accounting, and the proofs of experience in order to find their validation.

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What Is the Future of Mobile Phones? Will There Be a Physical Phone? The Future Is Interesting.

Where is mobile going? It is the hottest space right now to be in and will remain so for another 10 years as it evolves and converges. Not sure what mobile means when most devices will have the wireless networking capability be it 4G or 5G. VoIP will remain a disruption for years to come as it takes over older telco infrastructures now threatening mobile operators that have yet to embrace VoIP and will suffer the consequences.

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The Future of Search Is Verbs

I like the simplicity of this statement. It’s a catchphrase for the concept that most of the time people aren’t searching for information just for the sake of it, but because they want help in making a decision or carrying out some action.

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Shanghai: A City of Two Tales

I'm writing this en route home from Shanghai, where I've spent most of the past week touring, visiting, meeting, and experiencing this Asian megacity for the first time. The occasion was Expo 2010, the world's fair situated on both sides of the Huangpu River, which runs through the center of China's largest city.

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Nobody Knows What's Going On

(NOTE: This essay draws on a chapter in my new book, Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs, which identifies nine radical branding and marketing insights for innovative business leaders to watch in 2010).

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Innovators Are the New Untouchables

In an op-ed piece for the New York Times, Thomas Friedman riffs on American economic competitiveness and the state of our nation's educational system. Friedman suggests that companies are once again placing a premium on innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers:

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