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What Will Advertising Look Like In 2020?

I believe that capitalism runs on the inefficiencies in any given market. These inefficiencies force evolution. They force change and innovation. Often rendering old business models irrelevant.
I’ve seen this over decades. Looking back, the change that’s happened, and the pace at which its taken place, is hard to fathom.
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You Probably Don't Work in Advertising (Part 2)

Permanence or permanent presence – having a strategy that enables the brand to connect and generate something meaningful 365 days a year, (as referenced in part 1) is not an extension of advertising, as Fisk here tries to make, it has got nothing to do with advertising – neither is slightly related.

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"The Future of Advertising" Speech by P&G's Ed Artzt, 1994

On May 12, 1994, the CEO of Procter & Gamble Edwin Artzt delivered a speech at the annual 4As conference on the future of advertising. It has since become a classic, often referenced but rarely read in full. The speech, written months before the first banner ad received its first impression, was prescient in many regards and inspiring throughout:

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Social TV and the Future of Advertising

Guest Post by: Ed Thompson

On Tuesday, as part of social media week, I attended an event on “The Future of TV Advertising – Keeping it Social”. The discussion centered on how social media can bring the fragmented viewing experience back to a shared one.

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Are You Listening to The Future of Advertising? - MarketShare - Advertising Marketing & Media - Forbes

I recently wrote about the Fast Company Future of Advertising article in Challenging Conventional Thinking and Forbes has a follow-up piece interviewing advertising students about what they think about the future of advertising.

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Challenging Conventional Thinking

UPDATE: As I was writing my post, Fast Company came out with their piece, The Future of Advertising, which has generated a great deal of conversation the challenges facing the advertising industry. What's interesting is that the same challenges facing the biz were probably said when we moved to from print to radio; from radio to TV and every time something new arrived. I recently wrote:

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15 Stories from Fast Company about the Future of Advertising

FastCompany yesterday made a splash with its The Future of Advertising piece. It's not the first time the magazine offers predictions about the ad industry. I've looked through the first 100 issues published between 1995-2005, and found at least 15 stories describing how broken the ad biz is and offering some version of its future; that's at least one story published every year.

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The Future of Ad Agencies and Social Media

Steve Hall from Adrants (a blog I read every day) was quoted in a recent Mashable piece on the future of Ad Agencies and Social Media:

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You Need to Captivate, Not Capture, Your Audience

(NOTE: I originally wrote this article in 2005 and wondering if any of this has changed in 5 years since I originally wrote it. The audience is getting smarter and tougher. We keep talking about transparency and the audience being in control. Well, if we keep telling them they're in control, they're eventually go to expect to me in control. Then what are we going to do?)

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MassivelyNetworked: What Happens as Marketing Gets Truly Interactive?

by: David Polinchock

Some good coverage of several SXSW sessions about the future of marketing, and, yours truly gets some press! Liked what Pamela had to say was her key takeaway:

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