Raising Money: What Not to Say and What Not to Believe #OfficeandGuyK

Guest Post by: Guy Kawasaki

Over the past two weeks via my partnership with Microsoft and Office Web Apps, I’ve provided templates of models for you to create enchanting PowerPoint pitches, Word business plans, and Excel financial models. They are all available for you to download from my SkyDrive account. I hope these documents and blog posts help you save a boatload of time and increase the quality of your efforts.

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Donations that Regress against the Mean

In his agony economist column for FT, Tim Harford last week tackles a question about how to lure donation money from contributors.

The conundrum faced by the questioner was whether to suggest predefined contribution amounts and risk losing larger donations or not to prompt any amount at all and risk losing micro-contributions from a large majority.

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The New Media Onslaught is Making Entrepreneurs out of Creators

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