Ten things businesses should know about what innovation is and isn’t

Innovation is a common topic of debate and strategies in most businesses (be they new or well established). In the current economic climate, and with the huge potential of the likes of social media data, brands are increasingly looking at innovation (large and small) as a way to beat the competition.

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Should We Build a Mobile App, or a Mobile Website?

by Rick Burgess

As we all know the web is constantly changing, new platforms seem to launch every day, and new development techniques are being touted as the future of live as we know it most weeks.

One piece of advice that has remained consistent over the last few years is that brands need to evaluate how customers use their services when on the move.

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‘Crisis’ Is a Dirty Word – How Femfresh Could Have Handled Their Social Media Backlash

by: Jane Franklin

In the last few days you might have seen the word vagina bandied about a fair bit online, and not just in the murkier corners of the internet.

In the US, Representative Lisa Brown was banned from the House, ostensibly for ‘permissive’ language, after using the word ‘vagina’ in front of the Michigan legislature in a debate about abortion.

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Report Download – The Growth, Current Use and Future Direction of LinkedIn

Guest Post by: John Fell

Today sees an end to our focus on LinkedIn and the launch of our new report about the growth, current use and future direction of LinkedIn.

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