How Do You Get People to Pay for Content?

Clearly this is a tough time for many media companies, particularly newspapers. For decades, they not only played a primary role in informing the public, they were astoundingly profitable businesses.

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What’s the Magic Word for Ecommerce Sites?

Long before the Mad Men era, advertising experts knew that certain words get the attention of readers and spur them to action. One word has made just about every top ten list, and new research from Kantar Media shows this word remains as powerful in the online world as it was in print. The study surveyed at a large number of online shoppers (2500+) to determine what would motivate them to place an order.

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Bright Lights Project - Mainstream Media

One of the places the idiotic “Free = Paid” financial model perpetrated by new media zealots first took hold was in the media business itself, perhaps because there was no obvious way to avoid it. Newspapers and magazines found themselves giving away the very substance of their existence much the same way looters yanking TVs through broken store windows represented a new financial model for electronics retailing.

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Over 25 FREE Must-Have Marketing Books, Magazines, Courses, Tools and Conferences

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

So, if you know me you know I am pretty thrifty. I like to call it strategically miserly- since I believe in putting dollars into big impact items, and trimming costs on unnecessary extras. As part of this I have built up a pretty big list of freebies that I thought I would share.

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Information Wants to Be Expensive

Stewart Brand’s famous maxim, "Information Wants to be Free,” has been, for more than 25 years, one of the most popular rallying cries of the Digital Age. These words have been famously twisted, adapted and re-interpreted to mean, “Everything on the Internet should be free.”

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“Old marketing” is about to take ownership of both customers’ and investors’ imagination and cash flow in the “connected” space. “Free”, “discounts” and “coupons” seem to be the new digital brand.

Recent examples and experiences from the digital realm presents connected technologies as nothing more than a platform to accelerate companies’ ability to give away their products at a discount – rather than innovate and change business:

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Questionable Sources

I can't claim to be qualified to dissect the behavior of venture capitalists (and I certainly don't mean to throw them all under the bus, as some of them number among my good, respected friends), but I wonder sometimes if marketers have been duped into believing in a social media liturgy that's actually a cover story for a concerted effort by technologists and their supporters to make money.

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A Wider Digital Perspective (Part 3: New Business Models)

How does digital communication affect business outside marketing?

In this three-part article I will try to explain the changes I’m seeing in the convergence of emerging digital communication, branding and business.

    Read part 1 here.

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    Review – Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business by Nancy Lublin

    Zero does have a seemingly magical impact on our brains (see The Power of Free), though zero isn’t always a good thing. Zero resources, for example, are generally not good for business! That’s exactly what many non-profit organizations start with, though. In Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business, author Nancy Lublin translates her years of experience in under-resourced non-profits into strategies that can be applied by any company.

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    Are Virgin America’s Free Flights a Good Social Media Strategy?

    Virgin America is giving away free flights to social media influencers it has identified on Twitter. There is (it assures us) no catch. It has used Klout, a tool which analyses influence on Twitter, to identify influential people in the Toronto area and offered them free flights on its new services to Los Angeles and San Francisco. These influencers only have to pay taxes. They are not being asked to do anything in return for this. They are just being asked to enjoy a flight, free Wi-Fi onboard and a launch party in Toronto.

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