From Mass Media to Masses of Media

by: Lynette Webb

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Modern B2B Marketing Defined

by: Jon Miller

The focus of this blog is to discuss new ways of thinking about B2B marketing, from best practices in lead acquisition and nurturing to marketing accountability to community-based marketing.

It is clear that traditional marketing approaches are no longer acceptable. Some reasons why:

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How Smart is Your Skin? Information as an Organizational Problem

by: John Sviokla

When I was a kid, I played with mercury I harvested from thermometers.  (I also made lead weight belts from scraps of lead I retrieved from gutter repairs we performed on my grandmother's three-decker flats in the factory town of Brockton, MA where I grew up.)

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Concept: Unbundled Advertising In the Age of Fragmented Media

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Terry Heaton at the Digital Journalist argues that the world of fragmented media doesn't spell death to advertising but calls for a different model. Instead of launching massive campaigns that exceedingly look like Napoleon's march to Russia, he urges marketers to create what he calls "advertising pieces."

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Icon Brands and Why Everyone Needs One

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Maslow and Branding

by: Jennifer Rice

Remember back in your Psych 101 class when you learned about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Bet you never expected to see it again in the business world, but... ta da! Here it is.

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PBS NewsHour Looks at Future of Television

by: Josh Hawkins

Determined not to make the same mistakes as the music industry, television networks are scrambling to experiment with new Internet distribution models. And some are making money along the way.

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