Video Killed the Television Star: Why Total Fragmentation Is the New Norm

Moment in time—the world seems obsessed with the renaissance of app led live video streaming and the rivalry between MeerKat and Twitter backed Periscope. 

Debating who will win is a moot point.

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How To Innovate Your Media Business Model

My first media job was in New York, where I learned the radio business. My company, Katz Media, had an outstanding training program, where for three months we were drilled in the basics of radio formats, research techniques, sales skills and marketing strategy.

So when I first arrived in Poland in 1997, I felt well prepared. Surely, in a newly capitalist economy, where the entire concept of a media business was novel, my experience and expertise would give me a leg up. Alas, I found that often the opposite was true.

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Unilever Engaging Third World Marketing in Austerity Europe

It has been a long time coming. I have been writing about the ultra-fragmentation of the markets for at least a year. Now it is going mainstream with the announcement from Unilever’s head of European business that - "Poverty is returning to Europe”.
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What's In Store for 2011? Insights into the Post-Recession Consumer

Sit back, point your browser to this link and watch the webinar from Nielsen about what 2011 and beyond holds in store for us marketers.

Very, very interesting.

I have been crowing on about a future trend that I have called ultra-fragmentation of markets.

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Keeping It Small

The good people of New Media Age kindly asked me if I would write a piece for them and so I penned an opinion column (I've not been short of opinion lately it seems) on being big, and being small on the internet:

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Brest Feeding the Media - 02 Milia 2007 Vignettes

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Human Nature Will Drive the End of Advertising as We Know It

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Marketing 2.0 and Five Key Trends

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Infinite Touch Points

by: David Armano

I am fairly certain that we are moving toward a time where the way we
interact with brands and their products and services will seem infinite.

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Influence Ripples + Social Media Fragmentation

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