36 Online Techniques to Supercharge Your 2008 Digital Marketing Plan

by: Christian Smagg

Got your marketing plan ready for 2008?

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MellaniuM: When Reality Feels Like a Serious Game

by: Eliane Alhadeff

The revelation that games could be serious has now become conventional wisdom: "we've gone from games representing life to becoming life".

Serious Games on the verge of becoming valuable work tools

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A Moment of Truth for Digital Agencies

by: David Armano

OK, deep breath. Adage recently published an article which asserted that “interactive agencies have not yet proven they have the capability to manage brand strategy.“
On top of that Forrester released their first Marketing Wave report
which Critical Mass was included in.
Long and short of it—we didn’t do as well as

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Which consumer 2.0 are you?

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The Marketing Spiral

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Forrester Segments Social Computing Behaviors

by: Ilya Vedrashko

This very interesting report by Forrester analyzes the levels of user participations in social structures online (see an earlier post on a similar report by Hitwise and the Yahoo pyramid):

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6. Manage leads – don’t generate demand

by: Jon Miller

Forrester recently published research titled "How Mature Is B2B Lead Management?" in which they claim that B2B marketers who shift their focus from “demand generation” to “lead management” are twice as productive.

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