So Wrong They're Right

NASA and an assorted bevy of astronomers and biologists recently admitted two mistakes of epic proportions: there are three times as many stars in the sky than they'd thought, and there's life on Earth based on elements that we didn't believe life could be based upon anywhere in the Universe, let alone here.

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Can Search Engines Turn into Prediction Engines? We Are Not Only Searching Online but Could Be Influencing the Real World

by: Idris Mootee

We all know how bad the real estate market is. Although the pace of the housing slow down is now decelerating, but there is no bottom in sight. And seasonally, we usually see an uptick in activity in Aug, as last minute closings take place before the new school year begins. No such bump happened in Aug 08, as sales slipped 2.2% for the month. Is this the bottom? Who has the answer?

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Social Media Extinct-tertainment

by: Gary Hayes

(short LAMP watercooler cross post)

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Don't Just Make a Prediction, Set Yourself up on a 'Prediction Eddy'

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The Revenue Cycle: A New Model for Explosive Revenue Growth

by: Jon Miller

Traditionally companies have talked about and analyzed the 'Sales Cycle'. The problem is that the sales cycle looks at only a portion of the complete revenue process. This presents two main problems:

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