why do tech start ups fail?

Why do so many tech start-ups fail?  What advice do entrepreneurs need to heed?  These and other topics are covered in an interview I conducted with Ian Andes, President of 4iiii Innovations.

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Seven digital health & fitness technologies to keep your eye on

Digital health and fitness are going to take center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show this week and in 2013 overall.  In my latest article, I spotlight some of the trends fueling the innovations in digital health and fitness.

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Can Nike Fuel a Mobile Health Revolution?

The mobile health revolution, which started and took off in overseas emerging markets, is rapidly making its way to the U.S. The past few months have brought a surge of new innovations - the FitBit Ultra, the Jawbone UP and now the Nike+ FuelBand, all of which attempt to combine fitness tracking and health awareness into an attractively-designed mobile product.

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On Tech Innovation in Health and Fitness and Beyond

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show I attended two Summits about the convergence of technology and health/fitness/wellness. So many of the innovations introduced there were exciting and intriguing. I wanted to share my takeaways about these innovations because they speak to issues that are relevant to all companies which relate to technology in some way (and, these days, what companies don’t?).

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Rethink Your Business

To Survive, the Fitness Industry Must Rethink Fitness” is a piece Club Industry, the magazine for fitness business professionals, asked me to write.

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Exercise, Weight Loss, & Your Brain

From both physicians and fitness gurus, the mantra for effective weight loss is the same: diet and exercise. And we’ve all had friends who gushed about starting a modest walking program, for example, and saw themselves drop unwanted pounds.

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50-plus fitness - fantasy or fact?

by: Dick Stroud

Fitness First, claims to be the largest gym, health and fitness club group in the world, has done a survey (8,000 respondents).

Over 93% of the over-50s claim to ate healthily, 84% said they were careful about alcohol consumption and three-quarters avoided additives in food. A total of 55% were content with their body shape and nearly four in five had a good work/life balance.

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Brain Improvement to Spark Fitness Boom

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