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This is Your Brain on Money

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The 7 Secrets of a Good Marketing Budget

by: Alain Thys

By now you should be close to having all of your top-line budgets approved and be heavily into the detail of spending the marketing funds you've just been entrusted with. Yet before you rush off to fill the pockets of agency wizards and media-moguls, I'd like to stir things up a bit. For this post, I have come up with 7 budget recommendations against which to benchmark your decisions.

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The Entrepreneur's New Year's Resolution: 'I Will Fix My Pitch'

by: Guy Kawasaki

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for entrepreneurs: ”I will fix my pitch.“ And here’s a suggestion on how to do this written by Bill Reichert, my colleague at Garage Technology Ventures.

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Reverse Market Customer Experiments

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