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15 Stories from Fast Company about the Future of Advertising

FastCompany yesterday made a splash with its The Future of Advertising piece. It's not the first time the magazine offers predictions about the ad industry. I've looked through the first 100 issues published between 1995-2005, and found at least 15 stories describing how broken the ad biz is and offering some version of its future; that's at least one story published every year.

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Fast Company Incorrectly Condemns Google’s Design Process

When I glanced over “Google Equates “Design” With Endless Testing. They’re Wrong” by Co.Design editor Cliff Kuang, my immediate reaction was, does the editorial team at Fast Company’s Co.Design know what they are talking about? I had to re-read it just to be sure, and both times I concluded that they were overly harsh.

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Influence Ripples, Tipping Points + Toast

by: David Armano

Consider this:

I got the latest Fast Company nearly a week ago.  I browsed the cover and noticed the "Un-Tipping Point" headline on the cover.  I then packed the magazine in my bag planning to read it on the train.

I never did.

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Forget the A-List After All

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