Conflicting Messages about Relative Wellbeing of the Generations

Yesterday I was reading an article in the WSJ titled: "Aging and Broke, More Lean on Family." Much was made of research from Pew about the increase in multigenerational households because of the inability of older people to afford to life alone. The article is behind a paywall - don't worry - it was long on anecdotal stuff and short on detail.

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Mum, Partner, the Kids and Gramps

Put another way – the multi-generational family household (in the US) is back in fashion.

More like is back because of necessity.

Pew Research Centre’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data comes to the conclusions that social trends appear to be reversing. The key findings:

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Just When You Think You're out, They Pull You Back in

The ‘they’ in this case is the recession. Data from Pew Research shows the impact of the recession on the young people and especially where they live (back home).

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You Can Always Rely on Bank 'Mum and Dad'

by: Dick Stroud

MoneyPlus, the magazine published by Standard Chartered, has an article about the extending period that children are dependant on their parents for money. The article is actually called: “How not to be helicopter parent” – the sort that ‘hover’ over their kids every financial decision. I would think this is easier said than done.

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What Makes Young People Happy?

by: Nancy Baym

There is a lot of coverage of this week’s report from MTV and the Associated Press about what makes young people happy. Most of the coverage is all about time with family ranking first. When asked “What one thing in your life makes you most happy?” 20% of respondents, a plurality, chose “family/spending time with family.” Good news, said this mother.

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