Business - Only Three Requirements

 by: Sigurd Rinde

Business is really not that complicated.

But we like to complicate things.

Sure if you have a gazillion SKUs, umpteen "markets" and 234,000 employees stuff can easily become muddled.

But in essence that big one is no different from the local mom and pop bakery. Really.

You need three things, clear and unambiguous, no less, no more and - in exactly this order. Did I mention in exactly this order?

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Extreme Business Planning (Again) - You're Nobody's Market and Embrace Failure

by: Sigurd Rinde

Hey guys, this is for you! Yes you.

Actually it's for those (there are many of you) who strike up every conversation with:

"Who's your market", "how will you enter the market?", "how will you reach the decision makers?", "what's your go-to-market strategy?" and "what's the value proposition for your target market?"

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On Failure

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