A Multi-Platform Social Media Strategy Increases Facebook Engagement by 50%+

An occasional hurdle you face in social media marketing is the ‘Facebook only’ approach.

Depending on their level of social media knowledge and their need to show the big number internally, you’ll sometimes get a directive from a marketer to focus on Facebook at the expense of other networks.   After all, surely 900 million users can’t be wrong.

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Facebook Unlike and Internet Schadenfreude

“Facebook is worth $100 billion, but all I got was this lousy status update.” That just about sums up the type of public sentiment that has been inundating the Internet over the past few weeks. Facebook’s much-anticipated $100 billion IPO is almost ready to hit the market after a circus-like roadshow where Zuckerberg was chided for, among other things, wearing a black hoodie.

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Our Brains Make Facebook Worth $90 Billion

Those of us involved in social media know that people love to talk about themselves. They seemingly enjoy sharing the trivial, the personal, and occasionally the weird, details of their lives. Sometimes they overshare – as a longtime online community builder, I’ve found that “poster’s remorse” is common – people post something too personal and later regret doing so. So why do people share so much?

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Why Facebook Brand Pages Suck (And Will Continue To Do So)

The analyst firm I used to work for has a Web Site Review methodology that is grounded in — or centered on, or revolves around — a central concept: How well does a site help its users accomplish their goals?

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Labour or Conservatives: Who’s Making the Best Use of Facebook?

Guest Post by: Alex Truby

In the UK, the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have been the main political rivals since the start of the 20th Century. Today they are vying to capture the hearts and minds of voters on Facebook. But how well are they doing? Here’s a nonpartisan analysis of what these two parties are doing using this social network, and what we can learn from them.

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Why “Pinterest Is the Next Facebook” Is Just a Silly Thing To Say

In the UK this morning many commuters would have read a piece in The Metro about whether Pinterest is the next Facebook. This is not the first article or blog post about this, and I fear that it will not be the last. The short answer to this is ‘no’. And the longer answer is ‘no, because they are fundamentally different, non-competitive things’.

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What B2B Marketers Need to Know About the Facebook IPO Filing

Guest Post by: Jason Miller

Last week I was interviewed by Demand Gen Report regarding the recent IPO filing by Facebook and how it’s going to affect the B2B marketers’ world. (You can download the full report here.) 

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Why Facebook Will Do Search and Why Google Needs Social

Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of himself in front of his computer, and an eagle-eyed blogger noticed that his version of Facebook sports a larger-than-usual search box. An unintended leak or not, Facebook competing in search is only a matter of time just as, in retrospect, it was inevitable that Google would integrate social elements deeper into its main product.
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Status Update Anxiety and Facebook Timeline

Keeping up with the Joneses just got harder, with Facebook finally flipping the switch on its new Timeline Apps that make it easier to share every fleeting moment of your fabulous life with each and every one of your friends. The gossip and invidious comparison that goes on between Facebook friends each day is about to intensify, thanks to 60 new Facebook Timeline apps that give 800 million people around the world an easier way to share their Facebook status with others.

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Facebook Engagement Case Study: Heineken vs Carlsberg

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Last year both Heineken and Carlsberg declared their intention to increase their marketing spend and so we thought it would be interesting to use analytics tool socialbakers to look at how both brands have fared in terms of their Facebook engagement strategy for the last quarter of this year (for the period 1st September – 13th December 2011).

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