The Expertise of Experts

by: David Armano

I've been called an expert. An expert blogger, an expert "social media" person—whatever that is. An expert in user/consumer/customer experience or "Web 2.0". If the "expert" label gets thrown my way, I don't give it much thought. It's just a label that helps people wrap their heads around something abstract to make it more concrete. Sometimes we need to categorize in order to make sense of things.

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The Future of: Futurism

by: Iqbal Mohammed

In his last column for WIRED magazine, prognosticator Bruce Sterling takes on futurism itself. After tackling the directions the Internet is going to take us - more individualism, less institutionalism, low cost connectivity, ubiquitous creativity, collaboration and a blurring of where reality ends and virtuality begins - Bruce hones in squarely on futurism.

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A Very Good Read

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Must see video: 'We Think' vs.'The Cult of the Amateur'

by: Alain Thys

Have you ever wondered what would happen if  We Think's Charles Leadbeater would meet Silicon Valley's self-proclaimed anti-christ Andrew Keen who's written The Cult of the Amateur ?

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Instant expert, in just seven steps

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