Photo Coverage of the Singapore Design Festival 2009

Over the last few days, I conducted a whirlwind tour of the different events and exhibitions at the Singapore Design Festival 2009. There were some interesting work exhibited that reaffirmed my faith in the quality of designers or designs from the region. Some of the more notable exhibitions include; Small Thoughts, Big Ideas, Singapore Souvenirs and the UseLess Exhibition at the Icsid 2009 Congress.

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Inside the Minds of Designers

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The Dandelion Exhibition Launches!

by: Design Translator

Ok the secret is finally out and one of the reasons why I have been “extra” busy during my down time!

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China's Media Scene Blasts Off - Meet Get It Louder

by: Scott Goodson

Get it Louder is a project initiated by a group of young independent thinkers. Jiang Jian and Qian Qian came up with the idea of doing an exhibition to focus on the new generation of Chinese designers and artists.

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