No One Really Cares About Your Great Idea

I stumbled over a great Q&A over at Quora. Someone asked about what to do with their great ideas and inventions so that they won’t get cheated. I’ve decided to reproduce the question here and the answer by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, as I often get asked the same question but in many different ways.

The question:

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Strategy and Organizational Design

My recent piece, “Strategy IS Execution,” prompted quite a few reactions. In it, I wrote about how it no longer makes sense to separate the value of strategy from the value of execution because execution is actually becoming strategy. I’ve learned a lot from the ensuing comments and conversations.

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What Game Are We Playing?

(This is the second in a two-part blog exchange between Shawn Parr and me. Shawn is one of my favorite people and partners in crime, er, I mean client engagements. A recent client experience led us to debate where strategy and execution connect and so I kicked things off with “Execution IS Strategy” on Shawn’s blog last week. Now, here are Shawn’s thoughts on the topic.)

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(9/10) My Top 10 Tips for Implementing Social Media

continued from part one, this article will be published in 10 instalments

nine: quantity and flow of information

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Business - Only Three Requirements

 by: Sigurd Rinde

Business is really not that complicated.

But we like to complicate things.

Sure if you have a gazillion SKUs, umpteen "markets" and 234,000 employees stuff can easily become muddled.

But in essence that big one is no different from the local mom and pop bakery. Really.

You need three things, clear and unambiguous, no less, no more and - in exactly this order. Did I mention in exactly this order?

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Brands and Process Management

by: Sigurd Rinde

Hugh, seems we have a parallel experience here!

"The phrase I can't get out my head is "Cultural Transformation"!"

So I ask myself - what's the difference between "brand management" and "process management"?


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Everyone Has Ideas, How You Execute Them Is What Matters

by: Design Translator

Fellow designer blogger KK has uncovered a great representation on the value of ideas in relation to a success of a business. Derek Sivers, in his post for O’Reilly, conceptualises an idea vs. execution formula, which I have reproduced here. Sivers writes:

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Executing Your Strategy Is a Good Idea

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How to Fix Your Selling Process in 192 Pages (not)

by: John Caddell

A column in today's Wall Street Journal boils it down for us: "...[C]ompanies need to 'reinvent' the way they sell, to focus on their customers rather than product features."

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before.

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Specialist or Generalist?

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