Europe and the US Are Ageing – Wait until You See What Happens in India and China

I thought this was an interesting development - 5 cities in India holding 3 day retirement events - Retirement India Expo 2011.

“This is India’s first attempt to galvanise businesses in ageing,” said Sheilu Sreenivasan, founder president, Dignity Foundation, a 16-year-old NGO specialising in productive ageing opportunities.

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Picking a Social Media Agency in Europe – List of the Best

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

During 2010 we saw a significant jump in the demand for pan-European social media strategy and execution. In some cases we’ve championed centralised operations and in others we’ve worked with local social media agency partners.

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European Social Media Strategy: Develop Common Aims Not Common Tactics

At FreshNetworks we work with many clients to develop and implement their European social media strategy – either for US companies who want to translate the work they do in their domestic market for their European brands, or for multinationals who are looking to develop a social media strategy that they can use across their European markets.

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Developing a European Social Media Strategy

An issue for many brands who are developing a social media strategy is how they translate what they do in one country into other markets in which they operate. As a European social media agency, we are very used to helping clients take a US or UK strategy and then roll this out across the rest of Europe. And in doing this we have looked at organisations who have done this well. And those who have done it badly. The usual mistake is to assume that what works in one country can be taken and implemented in another country with no changes. More often than not this is not the case.

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Don’t let them tell You that TV Is Going out of Fashion

The latest data on multi-country TV viewing figures doesn’t support the view that watching the box is going out of fashion. You can read the long, long , long report from OFCOMThe International Communications Market 2009” if you have a spare week.

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Northern Exposure, Scandinavian Style

How does one explain U.S. environmental and climate policies and related corporate practices to audiences in the progressive countries of Norway and Denmark?


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Britain Lags behind Europe in Enterprise 2.0

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Research about Digital Europe

by: Dick Stroud

A couple of big meaty research reports were published last week about all things digital.

EIAA Mediascope Europe 2008 tells you all you want to know about why people are using digital stuff. It is particularly useful if you want to know what 25-34 year olds are doing online. The 35+ are grouped into ‘other’.

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US Lags in Social Media Creation, per Survey

by: Scott Goodson

Brian Morrissey of Adweek quotes a new survey that says the US lags behind many other countires in Social Media.

Here is his article:

Consumers in the U.S. and Western Europe are more likely to be passive participants, while those in emerging markets often create content

April 18, 2008

-By Brian Morrissey

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The Renewable Electron Economy XII: The 'Cheap Energy Contract'...Bedrock or Dinosaur?

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