Top 10 articles of the year

by: John Caddell

10 (tie). "Consumed: Boxed Set (the Buddha Machine)," Rob Walker, New York Times Magazine, July 29. The story of the most innovative music package in recent memory.

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Marketing Challenge: Can We Profit From Poverty?

by: Alain Thys

Every day thousands of people die from bad marketing.  Neither Google nor I remember where I read these words.  Perhaps I never read them at all. But as I was flying from Zurich to Amsterdam I couldn't get them out of my mind.

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Should You Talk to Your Daughter before Unilever Does ?

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Yahoo, the 'Moral Pygmy' problem and reputation on the Internet

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Neuromarketing and Diversity

by: Roger Dooley

Advertising Age revisits neuromarketing, this time in the form of a blog post by Jonathon Feit, Neuromarketing and Diversity Go Hand-in-Hand. Writing about the 2007 American Magazine Conference in Boca Raton (nice work, if you can get it…), Feit posits:

Neuromarketing — assuming its science can be
translated into a meaningful technology — would finally enable

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The Marketer's Bushido (SlideShare)

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The Renewable Electron Economy Part VII: Stationary Energy Storage…Key to the Renewable Grid

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read those contracts!

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The Top Ten (Sixteen) Lies of Lawyers

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ModeMapping + How To Lie With Research

by: David Armano on Design Research Conference Day 1

Day one of IIT ID's Design Research conference is done and I'm already looking forward to day two.  Couple of observations right off the bat:

1. Design and research go hand and hand.
2. Design Research, like any research can be manipulated.

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