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The Two Loyalty Models Compared in a Nutshell

You are doing Loyalty the wrong way.

There are two models of loyalty: emotional and intellectual.

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Customer Centric? Where Is the ROI on That?

All customers are created equal. Yeah, right. And the cow really did jump over the moon.

Customers come in all colors and sizes – and revenue and profit levels.

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How About Feedback From Passive Customers? Huh?

I have been working on some research this week, trying to improve my three-layer model for feedback management which relies on point-of-delivery, customer-satisfaction, and planning feedback events. See, for the most part I have been using it with clients to help them deploy feedback management strategies, mostly for support scenarios (it can be adapted to many situations, more on that another day). We have been assuming all this time that if we survey the people who interacted with us, we actually have a very good representation of the issues and feelings from our customers.

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How to Score a 90% or More Customer Satisfaction

Lots have been said about customer satisfaction see at the end of this entry for entries on this blog about customer satisfaction). Organizations struggle to get their customer satisfaction scores under control, they “need” or want to get them to a certain number (for some reason, 76% seems to be the magical number most of them are trying to reach today, slightly lower than the 80% we saw couple of years ago).

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Mind the Gap, Would You?

Continuing my one-man crusade to end the use of customer satisfaction as a metric in corporations, I want to bring attention today to one more problem: The Gap.

What gap you ask? Well, the gap that exists between customer satisfaction and customer churn – that gap.

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