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How To Lose Credibility When Using Data

I have been saying for a while that data is the next big thing.

No, not data by itself (which we have been talking about forever) or even “Big Data” (which is thankfully past the prime of hype and beginning to decline and going back to its maiden name: Data). We are talking about how we use data, what we do with it, and how it leads us to better decisions.

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Social Media Adoption in Business – Wanna Know?

Social Media is reaching mainstream adoption in the enterprise – right?

Do we really know that?

Or are we just speculating?

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Getting to Business Value Through Gamification

Everyone wants in.

Organizations want to do something with it and they think it can change the world; if you go by their word every organization in the planet is doing something with it.

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The Best Is Yet to Come in Social

Trust me, it sounds better if you sing it with Tony Bennett’s voice and to the melody of “The Best Is Yet To Come” (here is a video of him and Diana Krall singing it — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year present from me to you).

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Mixing Social Media and Customer Service? Skate to Where the Puck Is…

I was listening to a pretty darn good (if you remove the “look at what we do” part of the presentations) webinar from CRM Magazine talking about how to do Social Media and Customer Service well. There were some interesting discussions of different things to do, with different vendors, when I heard from Gregg McMullen from West Interactive (in case you don’t know West Interactive, they do Customer Service outsourcing) something that stopped me in my tracks.

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Building Communities as the Saying Goes…

As I wrote in the final part of the Roadmap to SCRM series, we are plunging into an era of community participation.

Communities are so much more than the traditional forum-like model. It is necessary to build good communities to get value and a return on the investment you put into it.

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Three (More) Rules for Making Social Marketing Work

As promised, I’ve decided to share (and test) my next three rules of social media marketing, as a follow on to my last post.

These are loosely inspired by the “immutable laws” from Ries and Trout, and are based on some of the models my firm is developing. They also aim to be observations and discussion starters as much as recommendations.

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The Three Rules for Making Social Marketing Work

John F Moore recently wrote in his blog, and Paul Greenberg concurred, that we need to move beyond just Customer Service for Social CRM. Today I am privileged to have Allen Bonde write a guest post on Social Marketing.  In case you don’t know Allen, he was the head of his own research group (The Allen Bonde Group) while I was at Gartner (he was one of the few people outside of Gartner that it was OK to read). 

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The Loyalty Open Definition Experiment: Lessons Learned

I have made adjustments to the way I think about Loyalty.

I want to thank everyone for participating, reading, commenting, and for providing very thoughtful point-of-views that I had not considered before. I went through all the comments and summarized them into six lessons learned:

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The Fallacy of Measuring Feelings, or How to Capture Lighting in a Bottle

Feelings cannot be measured.

Lighting cannot be caught in a bottle.

Cold Fusion is (for now) a dream.

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