Paid vs Earned Media - on Internet Is Fair Fight

by: Lynette Webb

This paraphrased quote comes from a March Ad Age article and is attributed to Matt Freeman, head of Tribal DDB. It isn’t a new point to make but I liked the simplicity of explaining it this way.

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Media 2.0 - Ready for the Next Game

by: Idris Mootee

I have been talking with a number of senior executives of large media corporations and I really think it is an exciting business to be in. Take a look at a chart of EBITDA multiples versus EBITA from a Goldman Sachs research report on the media business growth rates tells us something. Look at the differences between video games and Internet versus newspaper. That tells you why media executives are up at night thinking about how to play the NEXT game.

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Is AudienceGames a Social Media?

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Predicting a Green Future

by: David Wigder

This past week, the Industry Standard (IS), an icon of the late nineties Internet boom, relaunched its online property. It did so, however, not as a publisher of industry content but rather as a consumer-driven platform to predict the future.

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