Your Best, Not Mine

I was somewhat entertained during parts of last night's 83rd Academy Awards show (promoted as "Oscar" this year), but far more struck by how irrelevant it has become. It used to matter much more, and fit into a broader continuum of community and engagement.

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‘Geilivable’ Brands: Engaging Chinese Audiences Online

Guest Post by: Hamid Sirhan

Social media competition in China is beginning to heat up. Facebook and Groupon are looking at engaging the Chinese market as soon as possible and it looks like 2011 will be the pivotal year for Chinese social media.

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Social Media Case Study – Wrigleys Extra v Polo Mints

Guest Post by: Jon Stokes

A few months ago I came across a blog post which compared Nestle’s Polo Mint social media campaign to that of Mars – owned chewing gum brand Wrigley’s Extra.

Now that the campaigns have been going for a few months it’s interesting to see how things have developed.

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The Buzz Discount

When did it become marketing orthodoxy that commanding more time and attention from consumers is good for brands?

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No Ghost in the Machine: The Case for a Social Renaissance, Part 1

(I'm sharing this essay in celebration of the official launch this week of my new book, Histories of Social Media. It debuted at SocialMediaToday and the second half is available there exclusively today).


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Your Social Media Followers Are Your Best Customers

The following is a guest post from Joe Chernov. Joe is the Director of Content for Eloqua. Co-chair of WOMMA member ethics panel. You can read more about Joe here: http://www.jchernov.com

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About Vampires, Warlocks and Audience Engagement

It was Kevin Kelly who once said that to make a living an artist would only need 1000 fans. After all, if every fan generates $50 of income a year and convinces two or three of his friends to also purchase the occasional book, song or T-shirt the math works.

The corollary of this is that creative artists should stop thinking in terms of big audiences and mass media success.  Instead, they should focus on getting to know and engaging their fans on a virtually individual basis.

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This Coffeemaker Can't Dance

I am digging the new Tassimo Brewbot! It's this innocuous-looking little device that sprouts arms and legs and opens packages of coffee, makes it, and then brings it to you. Who would have thought that such a simple thing could be improved so dramatically. I mean, it has a head with eyes and talks, so it's possibly sentient. And I'll tell you one thing: this is one kitchen appliance that knows how to dance! I've seen the commercial.

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Can Marketing Save the World?

Last weekend I had an interesting experience.  On Friday and in part Saturday I participated in the International Marketing Congress in Ghent.  On Monday, I was at TEDxBrussels, which by now has become the biggest TEDx in the world.  The two events couldn’t have been more different.

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Next Step for Organizations in Social Media Is Leadership

In the current landscape lots of companies are listening to their communities, and some are participating but few are providing the leadership required to cultivate, nurture and shape that community over the long term. The “2010 Social Media Benchmarking Study” from Ketchum and FedEx documents that only 10% of companies are providing real leadership (by their definition).

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