A Key Ingredient to Successful Movement Marketing

Did you know that socially engaged consumers spend more on brands than those people who don’t interact? That’s according to a new Bain & Company report, which studied social media and its role in marketing.

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Top 100 Engaging Brands on Facebook – A New Metric

Guest Post by: Ed Thompson

Earlier this week Facebook launched a new page measurement which looks at the number of fans who “are talking about” a branded Facebook page.

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What F8 and the Changes to Facebook Mean for Brands and Marketers

The announcements at yesterday’s F8 conference included a few of the changes we expected to Facebook (the music service was a very poorly kept secret) and a few more radical changes that went further than we might have guessed. For brands and for social media agencies working with Facebook, now is the time to begin to digest and understand what this means about how people will use the social network in different ways and what this means for them.

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Is Your Social Business Prepared? Readiness Levels Vary Amongst Organizations

For further proof that "social business" is coming of age, Altimeter recently conducted some research (both quantitative and qualitative) of enterprise grade organizations (1000 or more employees). The report focuses on readiness for crisis scenarios, but includes several best practices and findings which illustrate how organizations need to structure themselves for social business.

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Social Media Case Study: the Stanley Cup Hockey Riots

Guest Post by: Richard Dalke

When the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks and became winners of the Stanley Cup earlier this month no-one expected social media to help resolve the violent riots that broke out on the Canadian streets.

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Human Business Is Social Business

Last week I had the honor of performing the opening Keynote at Community Conference 2011 hosted in Copenhagen Denmark. A delightful, high quality event with attendees coming from all parts of Scandinavia and Europe, it also featured talks from Dell's Bill Johnston and Good Magazine's Max Schorr.


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New Model for 24/7 Marketing on Social Media

More and more, I hear murmuring whether social media will become the new Second Life for marketeers.

The answer: Yes. And no.

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Calling All Brands: Stop Counting Facebook “Likes” and Build Deeper Engagement Instead

Guest Post by: Simon Phillips

When it comes to Facebook, marketers often think that hitting 10,000, 50,000 or more than 1 million likes is the only metric for measuring the success of a Facebook page.

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A Bubbling Crisis

Coke reportedly took more than 6% of its UK ad budget last year and put it into social media campaigns. Sales across Europe declined 1%, though its take-home sales in the UK were up 8.3% (Britain's best-selling brand, according to The Grocer magazine).

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The Like Log Study

Fascinating study here from Yahoo Labs that analysed 'Like' counts for 45 of the world's most popular news sites over the period of three months. It's worth taking a look at the site, but the findings showed just how well The New York Times is performing in terms of social engagement with no less than 2.3 million Likes per month (which, if you take the average Facebook friend count to be 130, gives an impressive incremental potential reach). Good to see The Guardian also performing well.

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