CX Journey™ Musings: Buy-In or Commitment?

Buy-in vs. commitment: is there a difference? And does it matter if there is?

As I was writing my most-recent post earlier this week, I started to type the word "buy-in" and paused for a moment because what I really meant was "commitment." Are the two terms one and the same?

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5 Things Marketers Should Know But Usually Don’t

Marketing is often confused with promotion, but it’s more than that. As Peter Drucker put it, “the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” In truth, marketing is about insights more than anything else.

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Why Content Marketing Falls Short

In a Harvard Business Review blog post titled The Content Marketing Revolution, the author writes:

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Customer Engagement or Market Engagement: What's the Difference?

Today I'm pleased to share the final installment of a three-part series co-authored with Peter Haid of E Source.

In Part 1, Peter wrote about revisiting your corporate engagement initiatives to identify areas of improvement and to ensure that you had buy-in across the board for any change initiatives that were required.

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It's Time for Your Annual #CX Spring Cleaning

It's already May. Have you done any customer experience spring cleaning in your company?

Ah, spring... a time of new beginnings, a time for spring cleaning. What is spring cleaning, you ask? It is a much-celebrated occasion every spring during which we do a thorough cleaning of our households: out with the old, in with the new, in preparation for an exciting new year, summer, and more.

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4 Popular Marketing Buzzwords That Are Really Complete Nonsense

Ask any marketer what she does and you’ll get a different answer. That’s because marketing is a hard discipline to define. We don’t cure people like doctors or build things like architects or even blow up the economy like those slick Wall Street guys.

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How To Build an Effective Social Marketing Strategy

In the 20th century, nearly every marketing problem had one solution—the 30 second TV ad. If you had a product to sell, you could reach everybody you needed to with a powerful, highly polished message in a very short period of time.

Yet marketing in the digital age is different. Building awareness is no longer sufficient. In fact, it may even benefit your competitors more than it does your brand because once consumers react to your message, they will be retargeted using digital methods.

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Research shows that 51% of consumers don’t want brands listening to them in social media

According to Altimeter, 42% of businesses in the US are prioritising Social Media Listening in 2013 – putting real focus on how they sift through and learn from the conversations in social media. But a recent study of US consumers found that 51% of them do not want brands to be listening to what they say online. As a greater emphasis is placed on social media listening and big data, the tensions with consumer privacy will also rise.

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Are You Digitally Engaged? – 100 Point Test

Here are the 10 categories and 100 point audit of your digital engagement effort, how will you fare ...

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How to Help Employees Get Strategy

How effective are cascades – you know, those processes by which communication flow down through an organization from the CEO through senior leaders to middle managers to frontline employees?  Not very, was the answer in a piece in last month’s Harvard Business Review.

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