Old Burger Flippers Are the Best

McDonalds asked Lancaster University Management School to examine the performance of 400 of its restaurants. You will never guess what they found. Customer satisfaction levels were on average 20% higher in those outlets that employed kitchen staff and managers aged over 60.

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Discussing Customers in Social Networks (BBC Radio 4 Interview)

by: Matt Rhodes

Last year we wrote about the case of the Virgin Atlantic employees who were sacked for talking about customers (and indeed their employers) in social networks, and why you should be careful what you say on Facebook. At the time we wrote that:

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Thinking about Getting Rid of Your HR Department? It's about Time to Seriously Rethink the Role of HR

by: Idris Mootee

Human Resources was once a professional practice. Some how something happened and it is not what it was supposed to be. Instead of becoming a business partner of the CEOs and CFOs, they have become irrelevant. When I read about conferences around “strategic HR leadership”, I find it funny. HR today are, for most practical purposes, neither strategic nor leaders. Here ‘s the conference’s mission:

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Bad Bosses Are Killers

by: Roger Dooley

A few weeks ago I created a new category here, “Neuromanagement,” which fits a couple of posts I’ve got simmering on the back burner. While those are geared toward the positive use of neuro-techniques in managing and hiring, there’s a breaking news story about the dangerous physiological effects of bad management. Bloomberg writer Frances Schwartzkopff reports:

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Shooting the Messenger

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Late last month, Virgin Atlantic fired 13 flight attendants for making disparaging comments about safety and passengers in a Facebook forum. British Airways followed a few days later to punish employees who posted references to travelers as "smelly" and "annoying."

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Brands & People

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Hire Education: Do Greener Employees Make Greener Companies?

by: Joel Makower

employees - JMa.jpgWho's greener, your employees or your company?

This isn't just some idle query. The answer can have a significant impact on the success of your company's environmental commitments, initiatives, and progress.


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Corporate Change #3 - Bringing the Outside in, for Real

by: John Caddell

Chinese house - JC.jpg

OK, so you've read my prior two posts on the subject of corporate change, and recognized your need to greatly enhance the information you get from the outside world. Now what?

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Corporate Change #2 - Why Are Companies So Inwardly Focused?

by: John Caddell

In part 1 of this series, we discussed one key reason companies fail to change even though it's vital: the inability to, using John Kotter's term, "bring the outside in." In other words, companies don't choose to look outside their walls to see what's happening around them, assess the implications, and absorb that into their strategies, products and operations.

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What Do Employees Really Want?

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