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Experiencing the Sharp Experience

What happens when a $2.1BB+ organization re-commits its 20,000+ people to its vision and values?! I got to find out last week when I attended “Extraordinary: The Power of Ten” the All-Staff Assembly put on by Sharp Healthcare. Thanks to a generous invitation from Mark Tomaszewicz, the director of The Sharp Experience, I got to experience first-hand the truly remarkable event.

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Are Your Frontline Employees Part of Your SM Strategy? - Polinchock's Ponderings

David Teicher, writes in Ad Age, (What Marketers Can Learn From Starbucks' Foursquare Stumble) about a recent experience he had trying to use his coupon for being a Foursquare Mayor at his local Starbucks.

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Social Business Planning: Aligning Internal with External

Some small businesses start without a business plan, finding success in a breakthrough product or service early on and building upon that success organically. However, it’s inevitable that the venture will need to have a structured business plan put in place at some point if the business is expected to scale, expand and ultimately thrive.

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Customers Are Talking: Retailer Zara Relies on Ground-level 'Specific Knowledge' to Forecast Sales

Andrew McAfee’s blog is a great place to learn about how businesses can gain competitive advantage by their use of IT. But yesterday he took a left turn and discussed business situations where data crunching is not helpful to decisionmaking, and I loved it.

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Sam Adams Happy Employees Commercial

by: David Polinchock

Saw this commercial this morning while watching TV and thought it had a great message for all brands to hear. It's about how all of the employees are passionate about beer and that everyone learns how to brew beer, no matter what their position in the company. We always talk about the importance of putting your employees first and happy to see someone putting it front and center.

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What Do Employees Really Want?

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Can Human Resources Departments Save the Earth?

by: Joel Makower

One of the things you're likely to see at your workplace in the next few days is some focus on the environment. It's coming up on Earth Day, of course, the time of year when even hardnosed CEOs' thoughts turn green, at least for the moment.

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Don't Forget to Love Your Own Company's Brands

by: John Caddell

I had a web hit from someone at Microsoft today, and what I thought was funny was that the searcher used Google.com. That reminded me of a story.

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Ask more of, and raise rewards for, employee idea-generators

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A Kodak moment? Yes, but....

By: Stefan Kolle

This video was shot as an internal commercial, to stir up things a bit at Kodak. Due to it's popularity with employees, Kodak decided to release it, and it's burning up the numbers on Youtube - and rightfully so. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a commercial.

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