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Five Ways To Profit From Brand Advocates

As companies strive to improve their customer experience, the desire to do more than satisfy customers is becoming increasingly important. 

But at the same time it is remarkable how few companies have a programme in place to capture the profits of turning someone into a brand advocate. This is an expensive oversight. It leaves companies with the investment for improving their customers’ experiences. But they miss out on the (financial) returns this generates.

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"Be Positive" Is Not a Strategy

Have you ever felt like the picture to the left describes your workplace? 

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. -Thomas Jefferson 

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Knowing Is Half the #CX Battle

I originally wrote today's post for Intradiem. It appeared on their blog on August 21, 2014. 

If knowing is half the battle, what's the other half?

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Getting Employee Buy-In for Your #CX Transformation

What tools can you use to facilitate employee buy-in for your customer experience improvement efforts? 

A couple weeks ago, I hosted a webinar with ZenDesk on the seven steps to customer experience heaven. A question posed by one of the audience members was about what tools are available to facilitate employee buy-in for your customer experience initiative.

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Trust Isn't About Keeping Score

How is low trust impacting your organization? Your business results? 

I've written about trust at least a dozen times in the past. In response to my recent post, A Culture of Distrust, Richard Fagerlin reached out to me about his book Trustology: The Art and Science of Leading High-Trust Teams. He wanted to get my thoughts on his stance on trust.

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Your Most Important #CX Training Tool

I originally wrote today's post for Intradiem. It appeared on their blog on April 14, 2014.  

Can you name one of the most powerful and most important customer experience training tools available to your organization?

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Does "Employees More First" Disparage Customers?

What does "employees more first" really mean?

A while back, I wrote a post called Putting Employees More First. It's based on the well-publicized quote from Hal Rosenbluth, where he states, "... if you genuinely want to put customers first, you must put employees more first."

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Drop the Hammer on Bad Managers!

Today I'm pleased to share Part 2 of a three-part series co-authored with Peter Haid of E Source.

In Part 1, Peter wrote about revisiting your corporate engagement initiatives to identify areas of improvement and to ensure that you have buy-in across the board for any change initiatives.

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Employee Empowerment

Are your employees empowered to do what's right for your customers?

I know some people think "employee empowerment" is an over-used phrase. I think there's some good in that term, and I'm not quite convinced that it's over-used. Perhaps it's over-used in the sense that it becomes meaningless when we just carry on about how employees should be empowered, but then we don't really know what it means or why.

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CEM Toolbox: Taking Action

What's the next step? How do we put everything we've heard and learned to good use?

This is the last post for my CEM Toolbox series about tools for the CX Framework. In this post, I write about some of the tools you'll need in order to execute. It's time to put it all to work and to determine your relative level of progress and success over time.

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