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What does it take to generate ‘employee engagement’? (Part II)

This post is the second one on a series of post that will deal with the human side of the enterprise and in particular ‘employee engagement’.  Why? Because you cannot have a customer-centric organisation that ‘stages’ great customer experiences if you do not create the context that enables your people to show up as ‘being great with customers and enabling greatness with customers’.  You can find the first post which introduced the ‘concept of persons’ here.

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What does it take to generate ‘employee engagement’? (Part I)

This post is the first in a series of posts in which I will be exploring/grappling with the what it takes to call forth the best from the people in your organisation.   Some refer to this as ‘employee engagement’ which in itself suggests/implies that the default state is that of disengagement.

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Employee Engagement Strategy - Inconceivable!

I recently read an article about the worst employee engagement strategies ever. Curious about the content, I read the article and immediately knew that people still aren't clear about what employee engagement is.

Listen, let's call it what it is. Employee engagement is not a strategy - at all. How could it possibly be? More on that in a second.

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