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Most Emotionally Engaging Super Bowl Ads

by: Roger Dooley

Innerscope Research has released the results of its biometric tests of the 2009 Super Bowl ads, and found that three of the top 5 ads seemed tied to the concerns people have about the current economy and financial security. The top scoring ads were:

1. CareerBuilder.com — It’s Time
2. Cash4Gold — Heeere’s Money
3. Castrol Oil — Monkeys
4. GoDaddy.com — Shower
5. Bud Light — Meeting

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Making Great Products that People Love Is Simple. It All Comes Down to Three Things: a Simple User Experience, Design around the Socialability of a Product and the Uncovering of Memories and Pleasure Associated with a Product.

by: Idris Mootee

Product designers are becoming marketers. Introducing the Baby Blackberry by Leapfrog. It's time that kids of high flying executives need their own Blackberry. The good news is that while your kid can type messages on the Baby Blackberry, it's not actually hooked up to anything.

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Neuro Study Predicts Viral Success

By: Ilya Vedrashko

OTOInsights: "One to One Interactive and Innerscope Research had 25 individuals observe 11 viral videos that were uploaded to NewGrounds.com. Our hypothesis was that neurological measures of media engagement could accurately predict the ratings that the NewGrounds online community assigned to viral content.

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