Design Thinking Is a Cognitive and Intellectual Process that Balances the Rational and Emotional. Not Included with Your MBA.

What is Design Thinking? Because of the word “design” many automatically associate it with the craft of design or design as a profession. Actually it has less to do with “design” and more with “system”. There are many ways to define "design thinking" and this list is not exhaustive:


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Emotional TV Programming and Ad Effectiveness

In American Idol, Neuromarketing Style I noted that the Fox show I’d really like to see brain activity for was the ultra-intense drama 24. The combination of suspense, rapid-fire action, and occasional brutality would make for some interesting brain scans. But what of the ads that have to follow, say, a scene where a blowtorch-wielding Jack Bauer tries to extract information from an uncooperative villain?

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Soft Sell in a Recession?

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