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Why Corporate Startup’s Fail Too Early in Emerging Markets

Guest Post By:  Eric Bilginoglu

I’ve seen a dozen of Emerging Market entries by Big Multinationals in the last 10 years, which had to go through turnarounds or drastic management changes as early as in the first two years.

A pattern repeating so often cannot be a coincidence, can it?

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Favela Futurism, Very Chic

The future of global innovation is the Brazilian favela, the Mumbai slum and the Nairobi shanty-town. At a time when countries across the world, from Latin America to Africa to Asia, are producing new mega-slums on an epic scale, when emerging mega-cities in China are pushing the limits of urban infrastructure by adding millions of new inhabitants each year, it is becoming increasingly likely that the lowly favela, slum or ghetto may hold the key to the future of human development.

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Local vs. International Social Media Platforms: A Thorough Study by Sofrecom

Carlos Jordan de Urries (left) and Chrystele Bazin (below), senior consultants at Sofrecom (a France Telecom Company) have updated us on the status of Social Media in emerging markets last Monday in Cairo. In this presentation, we’ll focus less on international Social media platforms and more on what the motivations are for people to follow – or not follow – brands like Coca Cola for instance.

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The Economist: Women-Friendly Innovation in Emerging Markets

In an article about women-friendly innovation in emerging markets, The Economist unpacks the concept of "wominnovation" by examining how societies can harness the power of innovation to empower women and promote greater gender equality. A new study by the International Centre for Research on Women recently examined eight inventions that have helped women dramatically -- including mobile phones, micro-credit and motorized scooters. As The Economist points out, these "wominnovations" are comprised of three main elements: 

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Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

The traditional view of global innovation is that innovation from developed markets eventually "trickles down" to emerging markets in the form of lower-end, less-sophisticated products at lower price points. Think OLPC. Yet, in countries like India, it's increasingly the case that innovation actually "trickles up" to more developed nations when products are completely re-engineered and re-thought practically from scratch.

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Is China, Korea or India Part Of Your Gobal Innovation Strategy? If Not, You Must Think Twice.

by: Idris Mootee

What a view of probably the most vibrant business place in the world. In Hong Kong seeing the hyper competitive markets and it is the gateway to the world biggest market of the future, funny enough that I wonder why the word 'innovation' is not commonly used or comes up in board room conversations here. But innovation is deeply embedded in every inch of this place and the people here. For them, it has always meant survival and opportunities.

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