Social Networks and Online Communities More Popular than Email

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Think Your Conversion Rates Are Bad, New Study Reveals Spam Converstion Rate

by: Karl Long

We always knew that someone had to be clicking on penis enlargement emails and not only that, someone had to actually be buying that crap. It’s kind like late at night when you’re watching horrible infomercials that you think to yourself who the hell is buying this crap, well enough people to make it economically viable to make those repugnant commercials.

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Cursing as Advertising Strategy

by: Ilya Vedrashko

I don't know if this letter I just received through the Contact Me form is a case of misdirected anger, a weird spam mutation, or some kind of viral campaign, but if it's the latter, it's the most brilliant piece of copyrighting I've seen in some time. Who can resist clicking the link?

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Email Has Become the Bane of People's Professional Lives

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