How Mobile Apps Keep Shoppers’ Footprint Local

Today, many are touting the benefits of buying locally produced products because — all else being equal — these products have less of an environmental footprint because they travel shorter distances to market. Yet, there has been less attention paid to how far shoppers travel to make their purchases — and the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact when doing so.

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What’s the Magic Word for Ecommerce Sites?

Long before the Mad Men era, advertising experts knew that certain words get the attention of readers and spur them to action. One word has made just about every top ten list, and new research from Kantar Media shows this word remains as powerful in the online world as it was in print. The study surveyed at a large number of online shoppers (2500+) to determine what would motivate them to place an order.

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What’s Next in Retail from Etail

The sessions at eTail, the conference for multi-channel and online retailers, were chock full of new perspectives and new technologies.

The title for this year’s event, held last month in Palm Springs, was: “The Future Is Now: Managing ‘What’s Next’ While Remaining Focused on Today’s Brand Experience.

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Your Brain on Thousands of Products

Last week, we saw that order of presentation of a small number of products dramatically affects consumer preference. (See Order Effect Affects Orders.) But how do our brains cope when choices number in the hundreds or thousands, and how do websites best match products or services to their visitors?

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Selling with Scarcity

Ecommerce websites have a great opportunity to exploit the “scarcity effect,” primarily because they can often provide instantaneous feedback on inventory levels and, in a credible way, let customers know when products are scarce.

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Banners, Search Ads on Retailers' Sites

Interesting. So Walmart must be making more money with the display ads it serves on its home page through the last year's deal with Yahoo than it would've made by promoting its own merchandise. The entire site served over 900M pageviews in August (Compete Pro data).

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Coldplay vs. Judas Priest -or- The Benefits of Widgets

by: Nancy Baym

Last week, Coldplay made their new single “Violet Hill” available free for one week (one week? lame) for download from their official website. tracked its listens and what a lot of them there were:

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Emerging 'Social Commerce' and 'Micropreneurs'

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Driving Strategic Change at

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Cyber Monday Impulse Buying

by: Roger Dooley

Cyber Monday is one of those recent inventions that seems a bit
suspect. Is the Monday after Thanksgiving really the biggest ecommerce
sales day? It looks like Cyber Monday will have to work hard to beat
Black Friday, when reports indicate that shoppers spent over $500 million
online. Just in time for the online sales blitz, Web marketing expert

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