Do It Yourself Healthcare Will Be a Big Business

The 'worried well' older person who wants to get more control of their own health will be a rich vein of business for companies that can craft the right offer and message.

In the past I have blogged about the difficulty for digital health startups trying to engage the big healthcare players. The obvious alternative strategy is to sell direct to the consumer/patient.

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The Lost Art of DIY and Its Effect on Retail

One of the UK's largest DIY, for the younger reader that stands for "do it yourself', retailers announced this week that it was shutting a quarter of its retail outlets in the next four years. 

The stated reason was that young people cannot/don't want to do their own repairs and decorating.

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Three Simple Concepts for DIY Innovation

by: Idris Mootee

It is not easy to break through the clutter of the hundreds of competing products out there and some wonder if differentiation is even possible. That's the reason why some of the greatest brands of the world are coming to us for innovation. Innovation is the only way to break out of the commodity cycle.

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