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The Collaborative Economy Is Real (And It's Here)

It's not easy to determine which trends and movements are worth paying attention to. We live in an age where technology seems to move at pace that's impossible to keep up with. I spend a lot of my time dealing with global brands who are looking to scale and integrate social as part of their core marketing—and in some cases business strategies, and I can tell you first hand that these organizations have their work cut out for them as we are now in the trenches of operationalizing the disruptions caused by digital's latest iteration.

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Design with Vision, Optimise with Feedback

I'm a big fan of testing and optimisation. When user feedback is so valuable, yet so readily available, and real-time, can you really justify not incorporating it into your working practices and developing a culture around test and learn? Smart, digitally focused businesses like ASOS, Netflix and Zynga have been enormously successful through doing just that.

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Disruptive Innovation Mashup? The Copenhagen Wheel

Big Think reported yesterday that the Copenhagen Wheel, which was designed at MIT’s media lab is going to win the $15,000 Dyson Prize for design. The video below gives an idea of the wheel’s most salient attributes. This Copenhagen wheel is derived from the Green Wheel, which was written about a lot in 2009.

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Disruptive Thinking: 5 Attributes to Consider

Every once in a while you see something which is such a fresh solution to a problem you just say ahhhh. Check out this skytrain/bus idea about how to float about the traffic in China and create efficient transport.

It got me thinking as to what make for a disruptive thought:

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