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Shock, Horror! Social Media Advertising Is Useless (or Is It?)

Time for another study showing social media has “little sway” on purchases. This one was carried out by Gallup in the US, which showed the following:

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The evidence is in - video drives the most social engagement

Have you heard of SoMoVid? I hadn’t either until I read the expression on Adobe’s excellent digital marketing blog.

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A definition of social network maturity

The other week I gave a talk to De Monfort University’s digital marketing and social media course. Afterwards, I was asked: Why should brands invest in a given social network, if it might not be around tomorrow? 

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Last year, smartphone cameras outsold digital cameras 6 to 1

Last week, research came out from ABI saying that 1 billion cameras had been shipped in tablets and smartphones in 2012.   On the back of this, I wanted to find out the size of the smartphone camera market relative to the digital camera market.

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2.7 billion mobile cameras to ship by 2018 - what this means for brands

Recently I posted about global digital camera shipments out of Japan decreasing by 40%+ - 48% when it comes to entry level cameras.

The reason is of course the increased use of smartphones as people’s main cameras.

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Five services that could become the ‘Instagram of mobile video’

The other week I posted about Socialcam’s numbers, looking at the fact that a service that was once talked up as the Instagram of mobile video has a much smaller user base than previously thought.

Since then I’ve come across several reports by Business Insider and Comscore, pointing out that mobile video as a category does have enormous potential, it just needs someone how to figure out how to do it right.

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Ten stats to show we’re entering the post PC age

"When we're talking about the post-PC world, we're talking about a world where your new device, the devices that you use the most, need to be more portable, more personal, and dramatically easier to use than any PC has ever been." (Apple CEO Tim Cook)

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Instagram Beats Twitter in Daily Mobile Users. Engagement Significantly Higher

Showcasing the growth of the so-called visual web, Comscore (vla All Things D) today came out with figures to show that, in the US at least, Instagram had 7.3 million daily active users (DAUs) beating Twitter’s 6.9 million.

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Beyond Pinterest and Instagram – Ten Visual Social Networks That Should Be On Your Radar

I’ve written a lot recently about the growth of the visual web – how the big social media success stories of 2011/2012 were visual, and how imagery is becoming more important online.

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Ten (And a Bit) Stats On Why The Visual Web Matters

Yesterday I was invited to speak at SXSE and having pretty much an open brief, chose to concentrate on two of my favourite things…stats and pictures!  The presentation is below, it goes into a bit more detail about why an image led online world matters.

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