Are You Digitally Engaged? – 100 Point Test

Here are the 10 categories and 100 point audit of your digital engagement effort, how will you fare ...

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You must download the comScore UK Digital Future 2013 report

This is an excellent report (free) that contains some fascinating data about the age profile of digital use in the UK.

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The Biggest Issue In Content Marketing

Suddenly everyone is talking about Content Marketing and perhaps the chart below explains why.

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Last year, smartphone cameras outsold digital cameras 6 to 1

Last week, research came out from ABI saying that 1 billion cameras had been shipped in tablets and smartphones in 2012.   On the back of this, I wanted to find out the size of the smartphone camera market relative to the digital camera market.

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Will Every Industry Have Its 'Napster Moment'?

This Spiegel Online article rather stopped me in my tracks. Acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid is currently designing 11 projects across China including the quite beautiful Wangjing SOHO complex in Beijing. It seems that in the land where anything can be copied, architectural 'pirates' have cloned the design of the complex and construction teams are busy building a replica in faraway Chongqing.

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Seven digital health & fitness technologies to keep your eye on

Digital health and fitness are going to take center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show this week and in 2013 overall.  In my latest article, I spotlight some of the trends fueling the innovations in digital health and fitness.

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Five services that could become the ‘Instagram of mobile video’

The other week I posted about Socialcam’s numbers, looking at the fact that a service that was once talked up as the Instagram of mobile video has a much smaller user base than previously thought.

Since then I’ve come across several reports by Business Insider and Comscore, pointing out that mobile video as a category does have enormous potential, it just needs someone how to figure out how to do it right.

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Six Social-Digital Trends for 2013

Originally published in Harvard Business Review.

It's that time of year again — time to take a stab at what's going to matter in the year ahead as technology continues to influence how we work and live. In previous years, I've looked at trends under the "social media" lens because that has been the major disruptive force, creating both opportunities and threats. This year, I'm using the umbrella term "social-digital" to broaden the focus. First, a quick re-cap from last year:

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The Evolution Of Digital Display

I've been following John Battelle's thinking on the future of digital display. Earlier this year he wrote a long post on the so-called 'death of display', the rumours of which have been greatly exaggerated.

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The Future Isn't About Mobile; It's About Mobility

Originally posted on the Harvard Business Review

While the globe grapples with uncertain economic realities, "mobile" appears to be gold.

Facebook is expected to announce their uniquely targeted mobile advertising model before the end of the month. Amazon is talking to Chinese manufacturer Fox Conn with ambitions of building their own mobile device to serve as a complement to Amazon's considerable digital ecosystem of products and services.

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