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Sharpen Your Social Marketing: MarketingProfs’ Digital Marketing World Recap

by: Rick Siegfried

Our friends at MarketingProfs hosted the most recent installation of their Digital Marketing World virtual conference series last Friday. The topic was that which no marketer can seem to get enough of these days, Social Media. It was interesting to see how social marketing has taken a profound shift from being about brand awareness to being about lead generation. Sharpening the harpoon of your social lead generation strategy is the new white whale that will be wrestled with and “white papered” to no end in this new era.

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Thoughts on the Future of Social-Digital Agency Services

Now is as good a time as any to be thinking about the future of digital (and social) as defined by those of us who provide services or even products around these. If you work for any agency or consultancy—this article is relevant for you. If you're on the "client side" consider it relevant as well as ultimately it is your business model and needs which dictate the market conditions that affect your partners, vendors and professional service providers.

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Rethink This: Brand Currency

Do we build brands based on quantitative or qualitative measures? Are we in the business of spending more time with people or making the time we spend with them that much better?

The following article is published on

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L2′s Top 20 Luxury Brands Using Digital – Burberry Lead the Way

Guest Post by: Katie Glass

A recent report has revealed that social media adoption by the fashion industry has exploded over the last three years. The latest L2 Luxury Digital IQ Index report which was led by Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern, reveals that there is now widespread adoption of social media channels by fashion brands.

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The Game Changer: Presence and Proof

What we have done up till now is limit our thinking of what online can do based on a narrow view of what marketing can do. But what happens when marketing changes?

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Bright Lights Project: CMO (dot) com

I've had another experience that reaffirmed my belief that the content creation approach to marketing is not only downright irritating, but fatally flawed.

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Setting Your Digital Marketing Lineup

Guest Post by: Carol Fox

When you think about it, digital B2B marketing and baseball share some interesting similarities.


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The Best Social Media Blogs

Guest Post by: Monica Shaw

Social media blogs are a dime a dozen these days, it’s impossible to keep up with them all. We’ve been brainstorming our personal favourites here at Market Sentinel and came up with 34 blogs that we unanimously agree are great reads for people in the social media and digital planning industry.

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A Wider Digital Perspective (Part 3: New Business Models)

How does digital communication affect business outside marketing?

In this three-part article I will try to explain the changes I’m seeing in the convergence of emerging digital communication, branding and business.

    Read part 1 here.

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    Picking a Social Media Agency in Europe – List of the Best

    Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

    During 2010 we saw a significant jump in the demand for pan-European social media strategy and execution. In some cases we’ve championed centralised operations and in others we’ve worked with local social media agency partners.

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