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Knowledge Summary: The Next Decade in Digital Transformation

A knowledge summary is a semi-long to a long post that synthesizes positions, concepts, and lessons learned around a topic.  They consist of a mix of primary research with ideas and frameworks I built based on conversations and working sessions.

This knowledge summary will focus on concepts you have to know to embrace digital transformation in the next decade.

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Beware. Those Creating Your Digital CX Are a Different Species from Those Using It.

As usual, some excellent insights from the Nielsen Norman Group. This time it is about young Millennials (18-25).

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The Best Is Yet to Come in Social

Trust me, it sounds better if you sing it with Tony Bennett’s voice and to the melody of “The Best Is Yet To Come” (here is a video of him and Diana Krall singing it — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year present from me to you).

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