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What Jill Sobule’s Psychiatrist Prescribed

Jill Sobule is a model of excellent online communication with fans. This is one of my favorite stories from the interviews I’ve been doing with musicians:


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A Walk Through the Shadow of the Uncanny Valley

If it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to keep up with the torrent of information, data and digital content that’s being created every day online, you’re not alone. Within the next few years, it’s highly conceivable that many of us will have enhanced versions of ourselves that are able to complete all the routine online tasks – such as updating our social networking profiles or applying to jobs – that are already within the limits of artificial intelligence. In fact, the entire Transhumanism movement is based around that very idea – that soon, a hybrid of human and machine intelligence will make it possible to transcend our current cognitive limits.

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Counting Down to the Era of the Quantified Self

We’ve almost reached a point where it’s possible to track and record nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from how many calories we had for breakfast, to how often we work out, to how many hours we slept last night.
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In the Future, Will We All Be Apps?

Soon, you will be able to experience superstar chef David Chang, the genius behind the ever-expanding Momofuku foodie empire, as a brand-new iPad app. This Lucky Peach app is, in many ways, the perfect digital distillation of the Warholian logic of our modern age, where the Internet has made it possible for all of us to become micro-celebrities for 15 minutes on 15 different platforms.

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Facebook, Facial Recognition & ‘Opt out’ Privacy Settings: Clever, Creepy or Both?

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Now might be a good time to check your Facebook privacy settings as it appears that Facebook has rolled out its new auto facial recognition feature without giving users any notice.

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Robin Raskin on Living in Digital Times

Today we get the opportunity to hear from someone who has spent the past 30 years exploring what it means to be living in digital times.

Robin Raskin is an author, editor, magazine publisher, blogger, TV and radio personality, consultant, and most notably producer of the Living in Digital Times summits and exhibits at CES

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What Happens When Anonymous Gets a Bank?

The same people who brought you Wikileaks are back, and this time, they've created a virtual currency called Bitcoin that could destabilize the entire global financial system. Bitcoin is an open-source virtual currency generated by a computer algorithm that is completely beyond the reach of financial intermediaries, central banks and national tax collectors.

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Manuscript: Outside – The Future Is Not in front of Us

The following text is the manuscript for the condensed version of my presentation Outside – the future is not in front of us. Which I held at the Scholz & Friends digital camp in Berlin.

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Numbing Sameness

Have you ever thought about how you acquire inspiration, if it is different from just a couple of years back, and if the mass of blogs and feeds out there has made you smarter and more brilliant, or just number and more like everybody else?

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Mapping the New Age of Augmented Travel

Ever wanted to travel back in time to your favorite city and imagine how it actually existed hundreds of years ago? Or hear the stories of a city's residents in their own words while going for a stroll through historical neighborhoods? The new age of augmented travel, which integrates geo-location technologies with historical maps and rich multimedia content into a sort of geo-temporal human Web, promises the global traveler (as well as the armchair historian) the opportunity to interact with the physical surroundings of cities around the world in fundamentally new ways.

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