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It’s Time to Forget the Fold

If you work with digital ads, you are no doubt familiar with the “fold” – the place where the user’s screen cuts off the content, and scrolling is required to view more. (It’s an anachronistic term from the newspaper days, when stories above the fold in the middle of the page were more prominent than those below.) Many advertising contracts specify “above the fold” placement on web pages, although exactly where that fold occurs depends on a variety of factors like screen resolution, browser window dimensions, etc.

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The Cliché

Due to its narrow formats, traditional advertising relies heavily on the cliché for impact. But online, only tactical advertising makes good use of standardization and formats; they are tactical tools not creative ones.

In 2008 Tom Himpe published the book Advertising Next, on the new age of communication, in it he writes about traditional advertising:

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Why Facebook Will Do Search and Why Google Needs Social

Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of himself in front of his computer, and an eagle-eyed blogger noticed that his version of Facebook sports a larger-than-usual search box. An unintended leak or not, Facebook competing in search is only a matter of time just as, in retrospect, it was inevitable that Google would integrate social elements deeper into its main product.
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Social Media Tops TV

Could social media ads, or at least ads on Facebook, outperform similar ads on television? It seems the answer is “yes.” That surprising outcome was reported in the same study that showed ads on the social media giant being more emotionally engaging than the same ads on or (see Facebook Ads Most Engaging in Neuromarketing Study).
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Advertising on Facebook – After f8 the Unsolved Problems Linger

Facebook’s f8 announcements could have been designed exactly to address the worries we recently aired about how the social network works for brands. Facebook is striving to be effective for brands in the way in the way Google is, by being useful without being intrusive.

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Y Combinator Ad Innovation Conference: What Stuck

As part of Hill's Beacon initiative, I traveled to the Y Combinator's Ad Innovation Conference earlier this week to watch some 20 YC-funded start-ups present their technologies to a roomful of ad people. AdExchanger already has a nice write-up that explains what each company does, so that's not what I am going to do here. Instead, I will go through my notes trying to answer the question Paul Graham, the YC co-founder (pictured above with the glass), asked after the event: "So, what stuck?"

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The Future of Digital Advertising?

Guest Post by: Dhiren (Market Sentinel)

It’s been written – sort of.

Creative social have put together a nice eBook called “Digital Advertising: Past, Present and Future”. The book is a compilation of essays and comments, from digital thought-leaders, about how digital advertising has been evolving.

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Traditional Media Has Just Five Years of Growth Left

by: Dick Stroud

That’s a headline to send newspaper proprietors away with a skip in their step.

The death of traditional media has been exaggerated, according to global leader for entertainment and media practice at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, during his pitch at the World Association of Newspapers conference in Hong Kong.

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