Radio Shack Should've Gone DIY

So, it looks like Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy, which had been expected for some time now. It's a shame to see a company that's been around for so long close after almost 100 years, but they sadly brought it on themselves.

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Nothing More Than Feelings

“Emotion is the bridge to take to cross the chasm from the early market to the mainstream market.”

That was one of the points from my address at a Women in Technology International luncheon last week. The topic of my talk was “Crossing the Digital Health & Fitness Chasm.”

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Has Shoedazzle Lost Its Dazzle?

Change is good.  It’s more than good – it’s necessary for growth.  Companies need to evolve their offerings in order to keep things fresh and their customers interested.

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Lessons from Lady Gaga

Content Economics: A Plea for Scarcity & Exclusivity

Content is King. So said some guy who hasn’t been identified. The guy who said this set off a trend in content creation on a scale that hasn’t been seen before. Everybrand and his dog, cat, meerkat and seagull, are producing “branded content”.
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Competitive Brand Positioning

How to Brand Space

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

“Differentiate or die”. This is branding dogma.

Yet: the majority survives nicely without true differentiation.

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Apple Envy

'Tis the season to diss Apple in some very creative and entertaining ways. I'm just not sure whether it's a sign of strategic marketing insight, or fishbowl-like confusion of message over meaning.

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There Is This Company

Here's something I've been thinking about for some time now.

You see, there is this company.

It publishes over a hundred RSS feeds and several email newsletters, but not a single blog.

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We Have an Innovation Problem, and It Is Miles and Miles of Indistinguishable Stuff

I learned today that Axe Body Spray for Men is running an ad in Uruguay where readers sending an SMS to their address receive on their phone the missing bits of a picture of a beautiful woman. (Those bits are clothed, BTW.)

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