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Improving Inefficient Web Navigation Might Be the Wrong Answer if Causes Users Problems -Especially Older Ones

Really useful insights from NN/gFeatures meant to increase user efficiency by reducing steps can end up hurting users if they do not conform to existing mental models and expectations based on past experiences.

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Improving the Customer Experience of London's Transport Network

I was really heartened to read this document about making London's transport network easier to use.

As a regular user of the network I am well aware of its limitations and the extreme pressure of numbers under which works.

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Maturity Re-Imagined, a Presentation from Ken Dychtwald - A Very Polished Performer

To be honest, not a lot that if you are working in the ageing business you will not have heard before but I think it is worth 45 mins of your life to listen to what Dychtwald has to say.

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OXO - So Glad You Are Still Around but Wish You Had More Competition

Way back in 2003 I wrote my first blog post about OXO - a company that was all about universal design and that built products that could be used by as many people as possible. In the company's own words that means designing products for young and old, male and female, lefties and righties and many with special needs. 

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Post Demographic Consumerism = Age Neutral Marketing

I always like reading Trendwatching promotional material. Recently they produced some content about post demographic consumerism that they define as: People – of all ages and in all markets – are constructing their own identities more freely than ever. 

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Who Is Responsible for the Customer Journey in Your Organisation?

Econsultancy has conducted some great research about the organisational issues that are central to managing the customer journey.

I found this chart extremely interesting since it helps explain so much that is wrong with the way companies manage this vitally important issue.

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The Growing Customer Experience Gap - Even Worse Than You Think

This report (The Power of Linguistics in Customer Service) from Eptica is worth reading if you are attempting to improve your customer experience.

This study is all about the digital channel although I doubt if it is much better in other channels.

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Goal Centred Navigation Works Well - Always Has - Always Will

Econsultancy really liked the newly designed web site from Admiral Insurance. This is what it said: A redesign that notably puts it ahead of other insurance companies in terms of accessibility and user friendliness.

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Wondered Why the Person Next To You at the Traffic Lights Looks over 50?

Saga has done some research into the age structure of the UK car travel market.  This is far more than your usual PR market research. It is very well done and mighty comprehensive.

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Wall Street Has Its Eyes on Millennials' $30 Trillion Inheritance

There is a lot more talk about Millennials in the media. This is the age cohort born somewhere between the early 1980s and early 2000s (i.e. they are somewhere around the age of 17- 35).

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