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Millennials Are the Most Trusting (Gullible?) When It Comes to Advertising

This analysis from Nielsen is amusing.

The global survey found that trust levels in advertising have remained consistent across earned, owned and paid formats over the past two years.

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Being Age-neutral to Workers and Consumers Has a Lot in Common

This article in Technology Review gives a good account of the issues facing older workers (Aging workers, new technology).

Just ponder this for a moment:

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Work until You Drop. Get Up and Work a Bit Longer

The Economist has put its considerable thinking power to the subject of the ageing worker. Interesting profile of the UK working population.

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I Thought the 'Shopping Basket for Life' Argument Was Dead and Buried - but No

A long time ago, at the birth of the ageing business, there was a set of arguments that were always rolled out to justify why brands focus on the young. In those days young was 18-34, for many it still is but it has gone up a decade or two.

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What Really Annoys Customers About 'Customer Service Pain Points'?

You will need to click on the image to read. Whilst this research was carried out in the US but I would think applies equally to the UK.

You would think that if these things are so b****y obvious that companies would be doing all they can to sort the problems.

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Let's Hope AARP's Influent50 Has More Success than Focalyst

One of the advantages of being in the age business for so long is that you have seen most business models and joint-ventures come and go.

So it is with AARP's new venture in advertising. This is what it says about itself:

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Pre-sorted, Pre-packaged Pharmaceuticals - This Will Be a Game Changer. An Amazon Purchase Target?

My usual caveat - not sure that this company will succeed - but somebody is going to take this idea and make it fly.

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PwC Has Found the Solution to Greece's Problem - Get More Older Workers

I couldn't help but see this headline in the Daily Telegraph: "Older workers could provide £100bn economic boost, says PwC".

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The Consumer Purchase Journey - Simple Concept - Complex to Understand - Harder to Achieve

I have spent much of the past decade writing, consulting and speaking about the top part of the consumer diagram. All the stuff about demographics, lifestyle and the other things that distinguish one older consumer group from another.

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Marketing by Key Moments - Another Name for Goal Centred Marketing?


This article by Google is all about the key moments in our life when we want something to happen and we grab our mobile and look for the answers. As Google puts it:

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