Design and Identity

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

There are two types of design representing two poles of a spectrum: one of them is based on “what is”, the other is based on principles, so its function is to enable the emergence of “what should be”.

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Emotional Design: Key to Motivate Learning

“Emotion” as a word is a discussion killer, often added to an argument as a sure fire reason for success – an unquestionable truth. But the concept’s lack of tangibility only leaves uncertainty: Why or how would it work?.

“Emotion” as an argument becomes useless.

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Traits of Successful Design Managers

It has been awhile since but we had a guest post here at Design Sojourn. This one has been written by Sharon, a good friend and fellow designer. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Look Inside the Sketchbooks of 12 Top Designers - Stefan Sagmeister

I love the wire-framing sketches of his book!
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20 Awesome Educational Videos on Design

I’ve always believed that videos were one of the best things to happen to learning on the Internet. Now people from all around the world can see beyond just the word and fully appreciate a presenter’s facial nuances and tone of voice.

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Employing a Winning Design Strategy

What does it take to employ a winning design strategy online? In the presentation First Impression, Marketing, Brand and Participants 2010 Update I discuss some suggestions.

This is an update to a former presentation with the same name published on in 2007.

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The Relationship between Design and Marketing

I have always maintained that Design and Marketing go hand in hand. Any designer looking to become more business savvy can get quite far if he or she starts with some marketing knowledge.

Mike Funk writes:

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Designing Technology

Technology itself is just a black box and can exist as something uninteresting and unused for years. But it is the articulation of that technology, through the craft of design, based on human and situational insight that molds it into utilities, tools and objects that gets absorbed by people and society and turn into behaviors and needs.

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Fast Company Incorrectly Condemns Google’s Design Process

When I glanced over “Google Equates “Design” With Endless Testing. They’re Wrong” by Co.Design editor Cliff Kuang, my immediate reaction was, does the editorial team at Fast Company’s Co.Design know what they are talking about? I had to re-read it just to be sure, and both times I concluded that they were overly harsh.

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If "Design Thinking" Can Power Up Companies, How about "Art"? "Art" Should Not Be Reduced to Something Just for Display. "Art" Is the Soul of Design.

This is the view from my temporary office. I have received a lot of great feedback from my last post and I guess it is a popular subject. And there are many different point-of-views out there. I want to continue on the subject and this was written on my 18 hour transpacific flight while eating a stack of home made French toast because I can’t stand airline food.

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