What typeface should we use in cars?

Firstly, thanks to the guys at Immersion Active eBrief for listing this fascinating item of research.

Question. What is the best typeface to use in cars that assists the eyes of older drivers. You could just as well ask the question - What is the best fonts to use in retail outlets, hotels, etc etc.

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Sometimes It's Good to Be Third

When I first started working in digital back in the time of the dot-com bubble, many people obsessed about so-called 'first mover advantage'. Within the context provided by the digital goldrush of the time, the thinking went that if you arrived first with your innovation, you could plant your flag and rapidly attain a lead over competitors that was unassailable.

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Solving a 1976 or 2012 Problem

The year is 1976, Dieter Rams, who is most renowned for his innovative design work for Braun and Vitsoe, is on stage in New York talking about the importance of design as part of the business strategy: (source)

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Design Is Everybody’s Business

It’s no surprise that the company behind the much-praised Aeron chairHerman Miller – would embrace a compelling design ethos.  The exquisitely-designed chair is featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, after all.

And yet, I was captivated by a recent presentation by the company’s director of insight and exploration, Gretchen Gscheidle.  (Thanks to the folks at San Diego’s CONNECT, for putting on the terrific seminar.)  As Gretchen outlined Herman Miller’s ten principles of design, I found them at once simple and profound.

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Design Thinking Requires Storytelling. It Is Both An Insight Tool And An Organization Culture Building Tool

Stories inspire, motivate, and shift the way the people think and work. Many civilizations throughout history understood the power of storytelling. From ancient Egypt to modern China story- telling provided the foundation for nearly everything. For business, often there needs to socialize strategies within executive management, the board and senior staff and they include telling innovaiton, survival and hero/heroine stories. Most survival stories are around when organization had to overcome big challenges from disruptive business models that threatened its existence. It is an important piece of organization culture building.

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Design Manifesto 2012

When Tim Brown said that ”design is getting big again”, he meant that Design is moving (or has moved, in my humble opinion) from a form giving exercise and into the boardroom where is have become a much bigger strategic activity.

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What it Means to Have a Designer as a Startup Founder

So it looks like The Designer Fund, a VC fund that specifically invests in Startup companies that have designers as founders is starting to gain traction. It seems that suddenly everyone seems to have an opinion on the premium placed on designers.

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Chip Kidd on Designing Books

I was presently surprised to find out that Chip Kidd presented at TED.

Chip is one of my favorite book cover designers. I especially like the cover he did for a book (which I own) on Concept Artwork for the Batman Animated series. So I really enjoyed this talk, and his super quirky sense of humor, at TED called “Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.” It is fascinating to see how his personality merges with his design philosophy.

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When Designing Experiences for Humans, Consider Common Psychological Behaviors

Often designers design stuff (products/services/interfaces etc.): to fit user personas, to solve problems, to make it beautiful etc. but don’t often consider the how it psychologically interfaces with the user.

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The Journey to Becoming a Designer Is Never Easy

Design Juices recently published an interview with Michael DiTullo, a designer I greatly respect, where he shares his insights and challenges he faced to get to where he is today, namely a Creative Director at Frog. (Actually it seems he is now the Chief Design Officer at DEI Holdings, Inc. Congrats Michael!)

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